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Events, Emotions and Magic of Sardinia

A visit to Sardinia will not just be a simple jaunt but rather a suggestive path that will lead, unexpectedly , to the discovery of places, colors and scents that will involve you in a unique experience. It is rich in art that offers both traditional and modern events.

Costa Smeralda and San Pantaleo • Gossip with "Aperitivo"

This exciting excursion in Costa Smeralda is the undisputed realm of elite tourism and the international jet set. Along the scenic drive from Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, let yourself be intrigued by the story and the gossip of the most popular "Costa" in the Mediterranean. We will reach a beach with the possibility of a bath (depending on the season). Coming back at the hotel you will see the impressive "Sardinian Dolomites" of San Pantaleo, a quaint village perched on granite rocks of bizarre shapes. Here, wine lovers will have the opportunity to taste a local wine with the company of our good guide.

Island of La Maddalena • Landscape and Nature

We will admire the spectacular scenic of the island, one of the most famous in the Mediterranean Sea, starting from the town's picturesque harbor of La Maddalena up to the highest point. Along the way you will appreciate breathtaking views of the whole Archipelago ehcih consists of seven beautiful islands of pristine beauty. Then we will stop at the beach (with the possibility to have a bath). Our tour continues to the island of Caprera where you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Emerald Coast from one side and the view of Corsica from the other side. We will reach the historic center of La Maddalena to discover its history, ancient secrets, and strong traditions. Leisure center for shopping and relax.

From 09:00 to about 17:00 (on request every day)

Nuoro & Orgosolo • The real rural toruism

In the heart of the oldest and true Sardinia, with its traditions and its colorful costumes, lies the small town of Orgosolo, famous throughout the world for its numerous wall paintings. Once arrived in the small village we will visit the amazing open-air art gallery of the very rich murals, where they meet the different themes of our culture: the birth of banditry love for the family, the controversy over the war to pollution. Here we will have time for a nice relaxing break through the streets of the village. Anyone who wants can reach a pretty mountain lodge for lunch based on typical Sardinian suckling pig roast, cheese and sweet place. After lunch, which takes place outdoors under oak trees, the shepherds will delight their guests with songs and dances characteristic of their land. In the afternoon in Nuoro you can visit the museum of costume, of life and of Sardinian traditions. Return in the late afternoon.

08:30 approximately around 18:00 (on request every day)

Alghero & Capo Caccia • The “Barceloneta” in Sardinia

Heading to Alghero along the scenic from Santa Teresa to Castelsardo, we can admire the curious elephant rock, trachyte bastion of nature and ancient Nuragic civilization, before reaching the breathtaking view of the cliffs of Capo Caccia. After an incredible photo stop over the characteristic limestone headland we will reach Alghero, where we will have free time for a walk, shopping and relaxation. After the break, in a promenade lined with walls, ancient towers and massive ramparts, our guide will talk about the fascinating history and stories of the Catalan city of Sardinia. Return in the late afternoon.

From 08:30 to about 17:00 or so (on request every day)

Tempio Pausania • Nature and Culture

In the heart of wildest Gallura you will appreciate valleys and green hills full of cork trees, olive trees and vineyards. Our guide will expertly talk about methods still in use for the meticulous workmanship of the cork. We will then visit Tempio, known as the "city of stone" for its typical architecture. Leisure in the narrow lanes of the old town for a relaxing break. You will get to the small town of Luras which is only a few kilometers away from Tempio and you will visit a museum that preserves an ancient secret to be discovered: the mythical figure of the "Femina agabbadora." Finally, a natural site which is worth to be seen, to admire the unspoiled millenary oldest olive trees in Europe.

From 09:00 to about 17:00 (on request every day)

Moon Valley • Capo Testa

Our journey through one of the most picturesque spots of the Gallura region is easy level and takes place through the famous Valley of the Moon. We drive past the Isthmus of Capo Testa in breathtaking views and granitic rocks with bizarre shapes. We will admire coves, hidden in the Mediterranean scrub, that will give away fragrance and rich colors. In the afternoon you can spend a relaxing break in the quaint town of Santa Teresa among the various craft shops and typical cafes in the square. You can also admire the nearby Corsica. (travel time 2-3 hours, difficulty easy, but from 0 + 100 m).

From 09:00 to about 16:00 (on request every day)

Discovering Garibaldi • Trekking in Caprera

After reaching the Isola Madre, La Maddalena by ferry, we will go to Caprera, the second largest island of the most renowned Mediterranean Archipelago. Along our path the Island will give us many varieties landscape of the whole Archipelago, including emerald and crystal clear blue sea, the typical Mediterranean vegetation and rocks of fine granite. It is important to recall that the Hero of the Two Worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi, was sent into exile on this island that he regarded as his second home. From the highest point, Mount Teialone, (212 m), we will admire one of the most spectacular beaches, also known as "Tahiti". In the afternoon we will reach the center of the city of La Maddalena for a relaxing break and shopping. (Time 3-4 hours, medium difficulty, altitude 212 m max.)

From 09:00 to about 16:00 (on request every day)

The "Sardinian Dolomiti" of San Pantaleo

In a fairy tale scenario we will start our path of medium difficulty, in the outskirts of the village of San Pantaleo, surrounded by mountains of incredible charm. Here the granite reigns sovereign showing us animal forms, human profiles and more .... We will climb a slope of the mountain until we reach the center of the village to spend a relaxing break in one of the cafes in the characteristic square. (Time 3-4 hours, medium difficulty, +100 to +300 m)

From 09:00 to about 16:00 or so (on request every day)

Golfo Aranci • Walk in Cape Figari

The unmissable trekking in Capo Figari will give you breathtaking views across beautiful landscapes as the "Canyon of mouflon", where you can admire specimens of Sardinian mouflon with a little luck. We will reach the terrace of an old fortress from where you can enjoy a thrilling view of the majestic promontory of Tavolara. You can stroll in the quaint center of Golfo Aranci for a relaxing break.

(Duration: 3 hours. Difficulty level average, but altitude from 0 +340 m)
From 09:00 to about 16:00 or so (on request every day)